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View 8th Ed. Newsletter April May 2024
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Some mixers are a match made in heaven and are very easy to prepare. You can make that perfect drink easier by adding the right mixers to your cart at Liberty Liquors. 
The bitterness of tonic water makes the perfect combination for gin or vodka. It adds just the right amount of taste to compliment the unique flavours of your choice gin and turns vodka into a drink you can sip on. 
Coca Cola makes the perfect mixer for alcohols with distinct tastes like whisky and rum. Just don’t pair an aged or vintage whisky with Cola. You don’t want to ruin that unique experience. 
Ginger ale is a stunning addition to either bourbon or a blended whisky. It creates a sweet, slow sipping delight that is perfect to enjoy as a dessert. 
The true perfect combination is the one you enjoy the most. With Liberty Liquors, we have made that easy. Buy your favourite alcohol and mixer together from our online store. Order and collect or have it delivered right to your door. Free shipping for orders over $100. T&Cs apply.