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From under $7 to exclusive bottles, Perth’s Liberty Liquors Claremont, has the best range of Premixed Drinks in Western Australia. With a little know-how, mixing your own beverages isn't difficult to do, but preparing all of the ingredients required for a recipe can be time-consuming, which is what makes pre-mixed alcohol so perfect for instant enjoyment. Premixed drinks, or RTDs, are spirits that are sold premixed and "ready to drink". They are a base spirit like vodka or whisky combined with a mixer like a soft drink. Ready-to-drink alcohol comes in just about every form imaginable, including everything from margaritas to martinis, whisky and vodka-based drinks, which can be canned, bottled or even bagged. In order to suggest these kinds of drinks as an alternative to other alcohols on the market, RTD beverages are often packaged in such a way so that they adopt styles that look like other drinks. A few great examples of this include Jack Daniels' pre-mixed whiskey-colas, packaged in beer-like cans and four-packs or Nola's Vodka Spritzers, strategically presented in tall, elongated bottles to look just like a light wine. With the weather heating up, evenings getting lighter and lockdown restrictions set to soon ease across the country, many of us are itching to indulge in a drink or two with friends. The emerging world of to-go cocktails and pre-mixed drinks now makes enjoying a top-notch beverage that much easier – giving you quality pre-made drinks mixed and bottled by experts, right in the convenience of a can. Take your happy hour al-fresco and get your picnic baskets at the ready – here are the best pre-mixed drinks for summer. Over the years, the global pre-mixed drink category has been overlooked and underappreciated, but in Australia, ready-to-drink (RTD) spirits have been flourishing. According to industry body IWSR, canned cocktails are now the fastest-growing alcohol beverage category in the US market. RTD innovation has been driven by consumer-centric trends. Brands have capitalised on the health and wellness movement by creating premixed drinks that are low in sugar and alcohol, and contain natural or organic ingredients. Locally, Australia is renowned for its work in the RTD space, picking up a number of gongs at the 2021 World Premix Awards. Canned cocktail brand Curatif claimed six medals, including two World’s Best Awards. While it may have taken a while for the world to catch on, Australians know a good pre-mixed drink when they see it. Australia’s Most popular premixed drinks in Australia; Suntory -196 Double Lemon, Canadian Club Whisky & Dry, Jim Beam White Label Bourbon & Cola, Vodka Cruiser, White Claw Seltzers, Jack Daniels Whiskey & No Sugar Cola, UDL Cocktails Blue Lagoon, Vodka Soda &, Curatif Never Never Negroni, Gordons Premium Pink Gin & Soda, Aperol Spritz, Brookvale Union, Archie Rose and Smirnoff. Order and collect your Premixed Drinks or have it delivered right to your door. Free shipping for orders over $100.