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From under $13 to exclusive bottles, Perth’s Liberty Liquors Claremont, has the best range of non-alcoholic drinks in Western Australia. The Latest & Greatest in Non-Alcoholic Options While some of choose to decline alcohol all year round, others for medical reasons, the notion of giving up the sauce for a stint is ever popular, and Dry January has truly attached itself to our national psyche. It seems the lure of a health kick, trimming the waist and skipping hangovers is a potent one. It can be a challenge to inject soft drinks with the same amount of sparkle as their alcoholic equivalents, but at Liberty Liquors we have some excellent and ever-expanding ranges of non-alcoholic options for ensuring teetotallers don’t miss out. These days, the options for alcohol-free drinks are many. Crafted with care, they can be a helpful tool for people starting their alcohol-free journey. Non-alcoholic premixed drinks, beer and cider, alcohol-free wine and mixers are all available on the growing market. At bars and restaurants too, options for low or zero alcohol beverages are becoming more commonly available. But like with any growing market there are good and bad options available, and we have done the hard work for you to bring you only the best of the best. Non-Alcoholic Labelling Laws While Australian Laws vary from state and international laws are all over the place, generally speaking 0.5% or less is considered to be non-alcoholic. Labelling laws across the globe use a wide variety of confusing terms, so it is best to use the ABV or alcohol percentage when making your selections rather than the terms on the bottle. All of this variation can be a bit confusing at first but when you consider the edible component of a ripe banana contains about 0.4% alcohol and some baked goods 1.2% it puts things into perspective and 0.5% or less is a great rule of thumb. Non-alcoholic spirits allow you to feel a part of the party without the negative effects of alcohol. Stock up your own home bar for premixed mocktails and a selection of non-alcoholic gin, wine, mixers and a cocktail shaker set to get creative. At Liberty Liquors Claremont we stock some of the absolute best non-alcoholic options tried and approved by our staff, because let’s face it there’s nothing worse than a subpar replica. Click here to see our Full Range in our NEW dedicated Non- Alcoholic Online Section. Premix’s Lyre’s is a heavy hitter in the non-alcoholic range, new to our store they are already a firm favourite. Especially the premixed range! Given to an unsuspecting tester they could not tell that these where a non-alcoholic option! Therein lies Lyre’s appeal, great flavours and you don’t feel like your missing out. Lyre’s spirits look, taste, smell and sashay around your palate just like the original. And with all the classic spirits represented, practically every cocktail known to man can be faithfully recreated and enjoyed in a non-alcohol fashion. It’s this absence of giggle juice that allows you to let your hair down and enjoy a social occasion, then arise in fine fettle to pursue whatever tickles your fancy the following day. Lyre’s spirits don’t just mimic, they have their own distinction as a premium non-alcoholic beverage. Lyre’s G&T Premix 250mL Pack of 4 Firm flavours with juniper & citrus. The bubble provides a generous mouthfeel. The tonic notes complete this classic blend and delivers a refreshingly dry finish. Lyre’s Amalfi Spritz 250mL Pack of 4 The bittersweet orange and rich peach flavours of the Amalfi Spritz is like sunshine itself, bright, intense and the promise of good times. The fine bubble fills the palate with fresh orange complex rhubarb and elderflower perfectly to finish dry and deliciously refreshing. Classic orange-red in colour. Lyre’s Dark N’ Spicy 250mL Pack of 4 – limited Edition The aromatic & slightly spiced ginger beer combines with lime zest freshness and the richness of Lyre's Dark Cane to deliver a refreshing and full-flavoured Dark & Spicy that's RTD. A burst of ginger spice continues through to the end of the palate where the richness of the Lyre's Dark Cane again contributes to the long finish, cloudy in colour. Lyre’s American Malt & Cola Premix 250mL Pack of 4 The generous layers of the cola, caramel, toasted nut, cedary spice and rye along with a rich, mellow finish provides an excellent drinking experience. For more of the Lyre's range - see the end of the post. Wines Plus & Minus The hardest non-alcoholic beverage is by far wine, nothing to hide behind, wine can be particularly tricky to pull off. Plus & Minus is by far the best non-alcoholic wine range on the market and their Prosecco and Blanc de Blanc are particularly enjoyable. But they don’t stop at producing a top quality drop they add extra natural antioxidants to their range making them supercharged and health conscious, low in sugar and vegan friendly! Plus & Minus are an Australian non-alcoholic winemaking brand with the added benefits of antioxidants from grape seed extract. Their entire range has been expertly developed to include ingredients such as grape seed extract that is naturally rich in antioxidants. They use only the highest quality grapes from South Australian vineyards, and they don't rely on any artificial sweeteners to create full-bodied flavour. Plus & Minus Prosecco 750mL – Latest release A profusion of citrus and just-cut apple on the nose. A softly effervescent palate that delivers a firm weight with great fruit flavour. Perfect for any occasion with a touch of sweet fruit and a cleansing acidity on the finish. Chill well and serve as an aperitif or with a variety of cuisines. Plus & Minus Blanc De Blanc 750mL The Plus Minus Blanc de Blancs NV Zero Alcohol NV offers a vibrant nose of citrus and apple with a sweet fruit lift. Nicely bubbly on the palate with an effervescent drive providing a good mouthfeel. Plus & Minus Rosé Aromas of strawberries and a bright palate of ripe berry fruit and a dry profile. Plus & Minus Shiraz 750mL This is a classic Australia Shiraz with huge flavour bomb of black fruits, a touch of spice and a thin weave of tannins before ending with medium concentration. Like all non-alcoholic wines it is a little sweeter than the real thing but Shiraz drinkers will be happy with this number in hand. Plus & Minus Pinot Noir 750mL The palate displays typical Pinot Noir characters of dried herb and spice with a touch of natural fruit sweetness. Pair it with mushroom arancini. Plus & Minus Pinot Grigio 750mL On the nose it’s varietal and has aromas of pear, apple and citrus with a slight hint of floral characters. The palate is a burst of citrus underpinned by balanced sweetness and acidity. This non-alcoholic wine is best served chilled with a variety of seafood Seedlip Rang The Seedlip range was the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic beverages and are designed to be mixed with a variety of mixers to create a premium range of mocktails. Seedlip is a different concept to standard non-alcoholic options they are a premium range that focus on providing you with a unique drinking experience. Which is why they are so internationally popular as patrons seek out their delicious taste experience. You can find Seedlip in over 20 international cities, over 250 top-rated restaurants, many of the world’s best cocktail bars, luxury hotels & high-quality retailers. So regardless of why you’re not drinking alcohol, you should have the choice of a grown up, complex drink. Full stop. The range only includes 3 core 700mL products you can purchase; - Seedlip Spice 94 - Seedlip Garden 108 - Seedlip Grove 42 For that range you can make the following delectable cocktails as per Seedlip’s instructions; • Grove & Tonic • Garden & Tonic • Spice & Tonic • Espresso Martino • Laxton Gage • Cosnopolitan • Spiced Mule • Seedlip Spice: 50mL • Citrus Fizz • Minosa Beers and Ciders This is where non-alcoholic options are thriving, there are so many options on the market with nearly if not completely perfect flavour pallets to their full and mid strength counterparts. You really cannot go wrong in this range. These are the main brands we currently stock (but this continues to expand); - Heaps Normal - Heineken Zero - UpFlow - Big Drop Brewing Co. Lyre's 700mL Cocktail Range Lyre's also have an outstanding range of 'spirits' in 700mL bottles that you can use to mix your favourite cocktails. This range is brand new in-store and ever expanding so please don't hesitate to let us know any requests you have. Lyre's Pink London Spirit 700mL - Just Released! To Taste: The immediate presence of rose, cherry, red berry and blackberry characters are pleasant and generous. The mouthfeel is fragrant and rich in flavour whilst the palate length continues with a floral rose petal like aroma. The presence of juniper delivers a generous gin focused finish. How To Enjoy: As a premium Pink Gin Highball add premium lemonade or grapefruit soda with sliced fresh strawberries, sprig of mint and ruby grapefruit.. Alternatively mix with aromatic or elderflower tonic add a slice of cucumber, orange and strawberry to recreate a summer spritz cup. Lyre's Dry London Spirit 700mL To Taste: Firm flavours with juniper and citrus. Earthy notes fill the mid-palate which has lovely vinous qualities. The pepperberry adds warmth and delivers a generous, dry finish. How To Enjoy: As a classic Gin and Tonic with premium tonic water. Add a slice of pink grapefruit and rosemary to garnish. Or mix with Lyre’s Italian Orange, citrus, mint and Mediterranean tonic water for the Lyre’s Pink Gin Fizz. Lyre's American Malt 700mL To Taste: Generous flavours of vanilla and toasted nuts with herbal notes providing a complexity, offset by a long mellow finish. The gently spiced palate results in the flavours remaining well after finishing. How To Enjoy: Enjoy with your favourite premium mixer such as cola. A natural for classic cocktails including the Old Fashioned or an excellent Boulevardier with Lyre’s Aperitif Rosso and Lyre’s Italian Orange. Lyre's Italian Spritz 700mL To Taste: The bittersweet flavour of the Italian Spritz is like sunshine itself, bright with flavours typical of its origins. The sweetness from orange is perfectly fused with the complex and astringent flavours of rhubarb, finishing dry and deliciously refreshing. How To Enjoy: Serve with soda or tonic water and citrus slices for the perfect aperitif. For the most iconic serve, however, add to your favourite prosecco to make a delicious low or no-alcohol Lyre’s Amalfi Spritz, a spin on the classic Aperol Spritz. Lyre's White Cane Spirit 700mL To Taste: Generous flavours with oak and sugar cane providing the perfect platform for the marzipan, orange and coconut flavours to shine through. A little peppery finish dries the palate without overwhelming it. How To Enjoy: As a classic mixer option, or mix with fresh lime, mint and a dash of soda water for a Lyre’s Mojito. For the more adventurous, shake Lyre’s White Cane with fresh lime to create a Lyre’s Classic Daiquiri. Mix with Lyre’s Coffee Liqueur Originale for an Espresso Martini! Lyre's Coffee Liqueur Originale 700mL To Taste: Full-flavoured bouquet follows on the palate with high notes of espresso, spice, caramel, and toasted nuts. It's enhanced by a generous finish featuring classic vanilla. How To Enjoy: On the rocks, or with your favourite premium mixer, or an Espresso Martini anyone? Just shake with Lyre’s White Cane, cold drip coffee and vanilla. Order and collect your non-alcoholic drinks or have it delivered right to your door. Free shipping for orders over $100.