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Fine Selection of Exclusive Red Wines In Western Australia

Liberty Liquors’ cellar stock collection reflects the sophistication and mastery over flavour that world-class winemakers strive to capture in every bottle. Not all wines are the same, and so, every once in a while, when a truly special red wine emerges, we ensure that it is featured in our exclusive cellar collection. Contact us today for Australia’s finest selection of aged red wines and champagne from the ancient French vineyards.


Rare and Exclusive Red Wine Types


Yarra Yering Agincourt Cabernet Malbec

This finely tuned wine gets its balance from the masterful interplay of typical Cabernet dark berry fruits and the sophisticated tannins of a Malbec.

The depth of flavour created by these red wine types is best enjoyed with firm, aged cheeses, softer Camembert and blue cheese.

Although Malbec makes for a wonderful dry red wine, the fruitiness pairs beautifully with roasted vegetables, risotto, lentils and other hearty vegetarian fare.


Penfolds Grange 2016

Awarded an astonishing 99 points by the James Halliday Wine Corporation, this Cabernet Shiraz wine boasts an incredibly dark, dense colour and flavours of mellow oak effortlessly merged with mocha, dark chocolate and black fruits.

The fruity, mildly smoky flavour packs a punch and is best paired with lamb, poultry or vegetarian dishes that are bright enough to stand up and cut through this sumptuous wine’s ample flavours.


Peccavi the Estate Merlot

Awarded 98 Points by the James Halliday Wine Companion, this Australian Merlot has a hint of oak and dried herb, hidden just behind a strong aroma of black cherries, chocolate and plums.

Merlot is a dry red wine with plenty of personality, which can sometimes overshadow delicately flavoured food. This red wine is best enjoyed with bold, deep flavours like pizza, seared meat, bright curries and asian food.


Exclusive Wines From Master Winemakers in Australia

From deeply aromatic Merlot to the award winning Champagne, Liberty Liquors’ list has the world’s best wines and is sure to dazzle every connoisseur. Contact us online today or place your order now!