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Curated Selection of Premium Shiraz Wines in Australia

If you’re looking for a grape variety that has made itself right at home in Australia’s climate, Shiraz is probably the best candidate. With its affinity for moderately warm climate and cooler regions, it has become a firm favourite with winemakers in the country who want to work with a grape with plenty of personality. The wine experts at Liberty Liquors are proud to present a wide range of Shiraz wine labels ranging from humble but sincere $20 bottles, to premium red wine Shiraz that can be aged for decades.


What is Shiraz Wine?

Shiraz is an extremely well-known red wine made from a red grape that hails from France. What makes this grape special is that it grows all over the world and although it alters its personality based on the climate, soil and style, it retains the core characteristics that make it a Shiraz wine.

Shiraz wine in Australia is known for being full-bodied, with a touch of smoke, dark fruits and spice. Based on the style, a Shiraz can be well-rounded and fruity, or grippy and dry. The body of the wine will depend on the climate the grapes were grown in. For example, a cooler style would have a spicy, medium-bodied profile.


Shiraz Wine in Australia


Picardy Shiraz

This wine gets straight to the point with the flavour of raspberries, cherries and pomegranate with a finish that reminds of cinnamon and dark fruits. What’s truly special about this wine is the earthy undertone that lingers just under all those fruity flavours.


Torbreck Laird Shiraz 2018

If the question ‘What is Shiraz?’ still hasn’t been answered to your satisfaction, this is the wine that’ll do it. This red wine Shiraz features lavish spices such as cinnamon and liquorice while maintaining a structure of fruit and light tannins.


Red Wine Shiraz Food Pairing

Pair your favourite red wine Shiraz with duck, stewed vegetables, hearty pastas or grilled lamb and slow-cooked meats.


Buy Premium Red Wine Shiraz in Australia

Contact Liberty Liquors online for more information on award winning Shiraz in Australia, or browse our selection to find the perfect Shiraz for you.